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Working with Employers- Kemeys Grange Counselling Services

Stress, anxiety and depression are often major causes of reduced efficiency and lost time in the workplace. It is often helpful for employers, having recognised stress in the workplace, to be able to offer counselling as a support to their employees, supplementing their existing Human Resources. This in turn often results in an economic benefit to both employer and employee.

The Kemeys Grange Counselling Centre has been working with private and public organisations since 2004, offering counselling to employees and staff who are experiencing stress related problems within the workplace. Such problems may be personal or work related.

Counselling which is independent, impartial and non-judgemental takes place away from the workplace in quiet comfortable rooms, helping to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

Kemeys Grange Counselling Centre has seen controlled growth in the overall business of which working with employers forms a major part, this growth has been supported by our team of counsellors who offer a depth of knowledge and experience gained from working in related fields such as Health, Social Care, Legal and Academic Professions. As a team, the counsellors can draw on the experience of their colleagues offering an opportunity for an exchange of ideas and advice, adding to the resource available to employers.

To find out more about how Kemeys Grange can help your company please contact us here.

Kemeys Grange provide counselling to support people while they work towards a more satisfying life, and that may include addressing any of the following -

- Stress
- Anxieties and phobias
- Work related and personal issues
- Work related bullying
- Coping with redundancy
- Marriage or relationship difficulties
- Low self esteem
- Self worth

- Depression
- Eating disorders
- Coping with injury or illness
- Bereavement
- Alcohol/Substance misuse
- Post traumatic stress disorder

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